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Room Guide:   

S-105 & S-106 are to the left as you exit the Auditorium just off of the foyer. 

All other Rooms that begin with a "1" are downstairs in the Education Wing. 

All room numbers that begin with a "2" are upstairs in the Education Wing.


Class Schedule

Rotation A:


Important things to know:

Is baptism necessary for salvation?

Brandon Watson – E-208

Where is grace in my relationship with God?

Chris Swinford – E-118

In case you didn’t know – This is the Gospel

Daniel Parrish – E-111

Why’s it so important to serve in the Church?

Adam Warnes – S-106

Can I prove the Bible without Scripture?

 Josh Moore – S-105

Is worshipping with an instrument a sin?  

Logan Cates – E-204

What is Communion and Why do we take it Every Sunday?

JJ Hendrix – E-207


How To:

Overcome Sin in My Christian Walk

Anthony Warnes – E-210  

How to Disprove the Sinner’s Prayer

Rick Williams – E-216

How to Pray and what to pray for

Paul Cartwright – E-215


How to Minister to the Hurting

Chris Carrillo – E-115


How to Make a Biblical Conversation Peaceful and Productive

Will Myhan – E-214

How do I let my light shine?

Kyle Humphrey – E-212

How do I Tell if a congregation is Biblical?

Reed Swindle – E-211

How do I use social media for God’s glory?

Jon McKenzie – AUD


Rotation B:

The Biblical Response to the LGBTQ+ Agenda

Parker Lagrange – AUD

Fear of Man vs. Fear of God

Dillon Bruce – E-210

Overcoming Lust and Temptation (Guys only)

Sam McClarty – E-204

Overcoming Lust and Temptation (Girls only)

Liberty McClarty – E-208

We are Guilt Free!

 Steve Schinnerer – E-211

The Danger of Hiding Shame

Thorin Turner – E-212

The Proper Application to Popular Scriptures

Luke Burnam – E-214

The teamwork of evangelism (it’s not all up to you!)

Ethan Myers – E-118

When God Calls

Wade McKnight – E-115

I might want to be a missionary (or missionary’s wife) one day!  Spencer Ross – E-207

Purity (holiness) in dating  

Jess Florence – S-106

The working of ‘faith’ in obeying the gospel

Jered Hyatt – S-105


Must I make Jesus my Lord?

Matthew Hite – E-111


In case you didn’t know – God loves you!

Richard Allen – E-216


In case you didn’t know – we must honor the government

Dale Sheehy – E-215 

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